Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Eckington Parish TV is proud to present music
and cultural videos from around the world.

If you would like to contribute your original material on this page to be reviewed and broadcast, then please send your link, together with full permission for use by Eckington Parish TV to:

" Fairy Tale Love" by Aoede

"This is a delightful video which draws the mind into the realms of fantasy and fairytale and captures the essence of the song lyrics really well.It is beautifully sung and in a charming manner,so befitting of the words and music.The video has been well thought out,filmed and mixed together with animations and special effects,giving a most pleasing result.The audio quality is excellent,which is so important in any video,and helps to make " Fairy Tale Love " well worth viewing......Prepare to be charmed!"

You can follow Aoede through her YouTube Channel:

" Wasting My Time " by Shape Of The Rain
"A British band from the 1960`s and `70`s,they have reformed and re-recorded their own original song,this video being produced for their comeback track in a studio.As a forward looking band in their era,the music and song will fit in,comfortably,with the current musical trends of today.The video employs a wide range of camera angles,filming and editing techniques,to enable it to flow smoothly with the music and lyrics and the audio is top class." Wasting My Time " is a quality video to watch......You`ll not be wasting your time!"

You can follow Shape Of The Rain through Facebook:!/pages/Shape-Of-The-Rain/144648272268908 


" I Found My Music" by Pacha's Pajamas ft. Ashlie Cortez
"From sadness and sorrow,this pop video,gently,reflects how the magical qualities of music are able to add brightness and colour to everyone`s life.....followed by peace.The song lyrics are beautifully sung and,with the touching special effects thoughtfully used throughout the video,it gives a feeling of hope for a happier future.The audio quality is excellent and,with the simple message of this video,it should inspire us all to achieve greater things........Find your music,too!"

You can follow Pacha's Pajamas through their YouTube Channel:

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